DIRECT from the Manufacturer – NO MIDDLE MAN !!

At Aussie, we don’t rely on third parties for metalwork. We have our own automated sheet metal workshop equipped with state of the art machinery, with accuracy of tenth of a millimetre.
We have manufactured switchboards for many industries and environments over the years. With great diversity and experience gained throughout that time and having worked with all ferrous and non-ferrous materials, we are able to draw on vast knowledge and experience to offer real solutions for all applications.



What does this mean?

This means you get higher quality products for a lower price. You aren’t paying a middle man. We are the manufacturer so nothing is too hard. Aussie offers quicker turnaround times at competitive prices because we own the machines onsite. We can fabricate a one off customised part, or our automated lines can mass produce.
Standard switchboard materials are Stainless steel or Powder coated Galvanised sheet steel. We’ve found the extra corrosive barrier of galvanising improves the life of our products exponentially compared to common “Electrogal” or Zinc Anneal – which both corrode very fast… even before fabrication starts !! Galvanised products give higher tensile strength rating compared to other steel products giving you stronger goods. Our plinths are usually Hot Dipped Galvanised or High Grade Aluminium. These are extremely strong and offer incredible resistance to corrosion.
Our standard powdercoat is Ultra Violet (UV) stabilised meaning your colours won’t fade, nor will it degrade in the sun and peel off. Our unique approach to manufacturing revolves around our ability to manufacture, construct, and design.
We are NOT a backyard operator using cheap imports hacked apart by a jig-saw or angle grinder.

Serious, you have a Switchgear Supplier offering a 30 MONTH GUARANTEE on their products?

Yes, we do. It is also great value, readily available and performs better than most known brands. We pride ourselves using quality components through rigorous testing. We all know the annoyance of having to go to site to replace a simple $5 component. We are well supported by the “big names” in our industry too – if that is your preference. If you need to know more about this, just ask.
The big test on switchboard performance is called a “Type Test” carried out by scientists in an independent science laboratory. These type tests are strictly in compliance with Australian and International Electrical Standards. Rest assured, Aussie has tested and is certified in many areas confirming our superiority in design, components and fabrication. We test so you don’t have to.