Temporary Building Site Power Enclosure (QLD)

Enclosures designed for Building Site Temporary Power applications. These enclosures are VERY TOUGH able to withstand the toughest of fellow tradesmen on site.
Enclosure with: –
  • Main Isolator
  • RCD Protection
  • 3x DGPO’s (6x 10 Amp outlets)
  • 1x 15 Amp outlet
  • 100% Ready to go
  • 2x Different methods for Cable Management
  • Stand
  • Extra outlets
  • 3PH Outlets
  • Extra Switchgear
  • Lockable switchgear covers
  • Powdercoat Colours

This configuration should only be used in Queensland

Note: The stand in the picture is Extra

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  • Enclosure  430W x 550H x 300D
  • Panel 400W x 480H
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Grey Insulative Panel